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Keep Air Traffic Under Control

Airports present many unique safety challenges. From ensuring runways are kept free of ice and snow, to preventing leaks in buried fuel lines. Quick and accurate solutions are necessary for keeping operations running.  

With so many passengers and personnel depending on smooth operations at airports, it’s important that winter weather or fuel leaks don’t throw off important schedules.  


Keeping Runways Clear  

When winter weather hits, it can affect every aspect of infrastructure. Ice buildup can render airport runways unsafe, and pathways around the building need to remain safe for passengers. But with a good self-regulating heating system, airports can remain fully operational despite the weather. Heating cables that respond to ambient temperature are an energy-efficient, easy-to install solution. When temperature drops, the cables activate and keeps surfaces, paths, and travel system free of snow.  

Avoiding Harmful Leaks  

For many airports, quick and accurate leak detection is vital to maintain operations. Airports often contain intricate fuel line networks, carrying jet fuel, gasoline, diesel and more. nVent RAYCHEM leak detection systems can identify problems, finding leaks up to one meter. This level of continuous monitoring can minimize impact.  

Roof and Gutter Solutions 

Problems at the terminal, can also mean problems on the runway. nVent RAYCHEM roof and gutter deicing solutions ensure that all buildings at your airport will avoid a build up of snow and ice. 


nVent Thermal Management Assists the Construction of Beijing Daxing International Airport

Behind the world-class project at Beijing Daxing International Airport is the support of many advanced technologies, including the RAYCHEM self-regulating electric heating system provided by nVent Thermal Management and the TraceTek fuel leak detection system. Learn more.

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