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Supplier Conduct

Suppliers Code of Conduct

At nVent, we "Improve Every Day” and “Win Right." Those two phrases embody both our drive for success and our dedication to doing business led by the highest ethical standards. We believe that honesty and integrity should define our relationships with customers, suppliers, investors, and each other. We have the same expectations of our suppliers.

nVent intends to only do business with suppliers who provide high quality parts, materials, and services consistent to applicable specifications, at a competitive price, and inside the defined delivery schedule. 

nVent’s values regarding absolute integrity, environmental stewardship, safety and social responsibility guide how we conduct business every day. We manage our global operations with care for the health, safety and prosperity of our employees, customers, communities and the environment.  Please reference Extractives and Conflict Minerals Resources for the most current information regarding Conflict Minerals initiatives.

The downloads and resources below are provided for current/potential suppliers to understand nVent’s expectations in detail and how to do business with us.

  • Global Supplier Guide: nVent has developed a Global Supplier Guide which details how to become an approved Supplier and sets forth the requirements for continuous improvement and communication.
  • nVent Conflict Materials Policy: nVent's Conflict Minerals Report complies with Rule 13p-1 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, and Form SD. The Conflict Minerals Report covers the reporting period from January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016.
  • nVent Supplier Code of Conduct: Our Supplier Code of Conduct shares the same high expectations that we hold ourselves to. We expect our suppliers to comply with the these guidelines to ensure safe and healthy working conditions, the human rights of workers, high ethical standards and environmental responsibility.
  • Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement: At nVent, we are committed to conducting business with absolute integrity which includes combatting modern slavery and human trafficking in our supply chain.

If you have additional questions please contact us.