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Network Racks & Cabinets

A flexible solution for every networking challenge

nVent network racks & cabinets: the essential foundation for your IT infrastructure, optimizing cabling, security, thermal management and physical protection. Offering scalability and future compatibility, our portfolio features standard solutions as well as dedicated products for demanding applications.

Advantages and benefits

  • Designed specifically for network switches like CISCO’s 6509, 6513, 7010
  • Unique right to left airflow ducting
  • Robust cable management
  • Complies with UL2416
  • Dedicated solutions available for collocation, voice/data, hot/cold aisle, liquid-cooled, containment and NEMA-rated applications

Velocity through modularity

  • Broad range of pre-engineered configurations for passive network equipment, core switches and server assembly
  • Solutions for low and high cable as well as cooling densities
  • Extensive product portfolio is easy to adapt to your requirements
  • Save time on planning and setup

Configure your Network Rack

Combine various standard components to create a cabinet that satisfies your requirements.


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