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Flexible Power Braids & Shunts

Design and assembly flexibility in electrical panels

Constructed of woven, high-quality electrolytic copper, nVent ERIFLEX flexible power braids are ready to install and are trusted for their long-term reliability, aesthetics and code compliance.

Installation is also simplified with no additional accessories needed, including angular connectors, spreaders, ring terminal connectors or extenders.


  • Resistant to vibration, improving reliability and performance
  • Improves assembly flexibility and aesthetics
  • No additional cutting, stripping, crimping or punching needed
  • Small wire diameter provides maximum flexibility
  • RoHS-compliant

nVent ERIFLEX solutions are uniquely designed for low-voltage power and grounding connections used by OEMs and panel builders.

nVent ERIFLEX Catalog

nVent ERIFLEX Catalog

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