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Wire Rope Support System

nVent CADDY Speed Link: a versatile alternative to jack chain, threaded rod and metal strap

The complete nVent CADDY Speed Link universal support system includes wire, locking device and preassembled hook end fitting.

Discover a cost-effective alternative to jack chain, threaded-rod, metal strap and strut, and strut nuts. This versatile system can meet virtually all your support needs.


  • Strong, flexible wire rope
  • Extensive range of locking devices and end fittings
  • Protects wire from damage
  • Works well in tight spaces
  • Compatible with many nVent CADDY fasteners
  • Objects can be hung from many angles, even on sloped ceilings

nVent CADDY fastening and hanging solutions products are trusted and proven in commercial electrical, datacom, fire sprinkler, seismic, HVAC and telecom applications.

nVent CADDY Speed Link Brochure

nVent CADDY Speed Link Brochure

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