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Grounding Busbars & Supports

Protect your people and equipment during fault and transient conditions with nVent ERICO grounding solutions

Proper bonding is essential to creating an equipotential plane between your service grounds and equipment, especially during a lightning strike.

nVent ERICO standard and custom grounding busbars and supports are engineered to provide a near-zero voltage differential to meet codes and to simplify installation with a convenient, single-point grounding and bonding location. Conductors are welded to the bar using an nVent ERICO Cadweld exothermic connection or are mechanically fastened by using lugs.


  • Oil and gas facilities
  • Telecommunications
  • Aviation
  • Mining
  • Power generation
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Railway and mass transit systems


  • Code compliance
  • Proven lightning strike protection
  • Lasting performance
  • Simplified installation

nVent takes a holistic approach to protecting your people, your processes and your facility from costly and sometimes dangerous electrical disturbances. Our products are proven in the field to simplify installation, save time and resources and create safer environments.

nVent ERICO Grounding, Bonding Cadweld Solutions Guide

nVent ERICO Grounding, Bonding Cadweld Solutions Guide

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