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nVent ERIFLEX Advanced Technology

Improve safety and reliability with nVent ERIFLEX Advanced Technology

As electrical power conductors have evolved over time, so has the need for better insulation methods that can provide safe, reliable performance and in a broad range of applications.

nVent ERIFLEX Advanced Technology (Advanced Technology) provides the most unique, safe and flexible solution for electrical power conductors. Advanced Technology is constructed with materials using the latest safety technology that is low smoke, halogen-free and flame retardant (LSHFFR). nVent ERIFLEX Flexibar Advanced can be tinned to be suitable for high temperatures, improving safety for electrical equipment and people during installation and use.

Improve the life of electrical power conductors by offering proven reliability and performance with Advanced Technology—built to last with long-term design in mind and the flexibility to handle any application.

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Advanced Technology? 

Download the nVent ERIFLEX IBS & IBSB Advanced
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Flexibar technology and design. 

Download the nVent ERIFLEX Flexibar Technical Handbook
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What is nVent ERIFLEX Advanced Technology?

Safety and reliability is what makes Advanced Technology the right choice for your next project.





nVent ERIFLEX Advanced Technology Applications

Marine and Offshore

Marine and Offshore

Learn more about the Marine and Offshore certifications for Advanced Technology that make it ideal for those unique applications. 

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Railway Systems

Railway Systems

Learn more about how Advanced Technology is used throughout Rail networks, from trackside cabinets to onboard electrical panels.

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The safety and reliability of Advanced Technology is backed by multiple certifications globally for a broad range of applications. All products undergo rigorous laboratory testing to ensure performance in a working environment of a real panelboard or switchboard.

nVent ERIFLEX Advanced Family of Products

Our Advanced Technology parts work together to create a safe, reliable and secure system that is easy to install and maintain.


nVent ERIFLEX Flexibar Advanced 


Distribution + Power Blocks


Low Voltage Insulators


Adjustable Busbar Supports


Get everything you need to know about nVent ERIFLEX Advanced Technology in one place.

Get everything you need to know about nVent ERIFLEX Advanced Technology in one place.

Download the latest catalogs, certifications or watch videos from our library.

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