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Modular Enclosures

Proven stronger, extended capabilities

nVent HOFFMAN's Proline G2 modular enclosures are designed to bear the advanced loads and harsh environments of industrial applications, while making electrical enclosures easier to use and faster to populate. 

PROLINE G2 raises the level of innovation, quality and value in modular electrical enclosures with a higher load rating and a subpanel that can hold more weight than competing products. Now you can install heaver electronics in smaller cabinets and save floor space.

ProLine G2 is available in Type 12, Type 3R and can accommodate seismic applications.

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ProLine G2: Stronger. Faster. Easier

ProLine G2 raises the level of innovation, quality and value in modular enclosures. With its hybrid frame, the inventive solution is designed to withstand heavy loads and harsh environments, while being easier to use and faster to populate.

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nVent HOFFMAN 3-D Configurator

Design, Build and Order.

Configure modular enclosures to your exact application using the nVnet HOFFMAN 3-D Configurator. This state-of-the-art tool features an interactive 3-D model, visual selections, over 1800 mix-and-match components and an auto-populated Bill of Materials (BOM).

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