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Commercial Enclosures

Get simple solutions, speedy results

Off-the-shelf and tailored commercial enclosure solutions from nVent HOFFMAN are designed and built to meet the needs of commercial construction, from office buildings and retail facilities, to hospitality, high-rise and health care campuses.

Choose from a comprehensive portfolio of 3,000 commercial enclosures, with options for materials, sizes, styles, accessories and more. From utility junctions for protecting relays, contactors and wire, you can reliably connect and protect your equipment while completing projects on time, and within budget.

  • Unique time-and-cost-saving products like the new Pull Box Extender, Stainless Steel Screw Cover Pull Box and Angled Trough
  • Wide range of products meets your needs for most indoor and outdoor applications
  • 3,000+ global distributors for convenient, fast delivery
  • 70+ years of commercial expertise
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Pull Box Extender Demo

Learn more about how using the Pull Box Extender saves you time and cost.

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