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Mechanical Anchors for Rebar

Gain strength and simplicity with nVent LENTON Terminator mechanical anchors for concrete reinforcement

Simplify rebar placement and reduce congestion with nVent LENTON Terminator mechanical anchors featuring our time-tested, field-proven thread.

Our mechanical anchors (or headed bars) are ideal for all forms of construction, including dams, subways, bridges, high-rise buildings, water treatment plants and stadiums.


  • Beam to column connections
  • Roof to column connections
  • Piles to caisson


  • Eliminates reinforcing bar hooks for simplified placement
  • Minimizes embedment lengths, reducing congestion
  • Provides design flexibility
  • Reduces placing costs through simplified installation 
  • Simplifies future expansion 
  • Installs with no special training required
  • Available in 4x and 9x head sizes

At nVent, our strength is giving you strength in your concrete reinforcement applications. All our nVent LENTON products are specially engineered to help reduce labor and material costs while keeping projects on time, on budget and up to code.

nVent LENTON Terminator Brochure

nVent LENTON Terminator Brochure

Get product details and specification and installation information.

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