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Grout-Filled Precast Splicing Systems

Achieve superior dynamic and seismic strength with the nVent LENTON Interlok system

For use in precast construction, nVent LENTON Interlok provides the structural integrity you need between columns, beams, shear walls and panels.


  • Maintains structural integrity between precast sections
  • Provides load path continuity—reinforcing steel bars (rebar) act as one continuous bar
  • Helps eliminate costly and unsightly patchwork
  • Meets or exceeds building code requirements


  • Column to column
  • Column to foundation
  • Shear wall to foundation
  • Shear wall to shear wall
  • Panel to panel 
  • Wall to floor slab and architectural panels

nVent LENTON products are specially engineered to help reduce labor and material costs while keeping projects on time, on budget and up to code.

nVent LENTON Interlok Brochure

nVent LENTON Interlok Brochure

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