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nVent CADDY Prefab

Get your job done faster with our prefab solutions.


Since 2007, nVent CADDY Prefab
has been setting the standard
for electrical prefabrication. 

Caddy Prefab Products

Our method, developed over a decade by a team of electricians, has proven to significantly reduce scrap and re-work costs.

Utilizing the nVent CADDY proprietary open back box, our system is the only option on the market that allows electrical contractors the ability to pre-install devices without the need to drop the mudring to terminate. 

Meet the challenging schedule demands in today’s construction environment by trusting the team with more than 600 successful complete projects. Our method has proven to significantly reduce scrap and rework costs, while reducing or eliminating pre-construction costs, excess inventory of components and sourcing related issues of spot buying and partial shipments.            

nVent CADDY Prefab products are UL Listed. 

Don't think Prefab is for you? Think again.

Learn more about our nVent CADDY Prefab solutions with our new nVent CADDY Prefab Whitepaper. 

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Caddy Prefab

Watch our new nVent CADDY Prefab Video

Learn more about nVent CADDY Prefab Solutions and how simple it is to use this system in commercial building applications. 

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Caddy Prefab


From start to finish, the nVent CADDY team is here to assist your team while increasing profitability on your projects. Learn how the installation process saves you time, inventory and money. 

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Caddy Prefab Products


From the brand you trust, products that have been specifically designed for prefabrication. See our prefab product offerings. 

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Become a prefab expert with whitepapers, videos and more.

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