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Trust nVent to deliver your complete rackmount chassis including backplanes, power supply and hardware platform management – all compliant with PICMG and VITA VPX. Whether you need one component or a full chassis, you can be sure that nVent SCHROFF has the expertise and products you need – plus unmatched quality.

As a pioneer and trendsetter, the SCHROFF name is synonymous with expertise in the areas of mechanics, electronics, climate control and system management and has been for over 50 years. Accordingly, we have been an active member of global standards committees such as IEC, IEEE, VITA, PXI Systems Alliance and PICMG and taken a leading role in setting new standards for decades.  

Product features

  • Modular and robust mechanical rackmount chassis
  • Superior signal integrity to support the highest data transfer rates
  • Excellent and proven cooling capabilities
  • Reliable hardware management solutions
  • High-quality power supply solutions

Our expertise at a glance

  • Our experienced engineers guide you right from the beginning
  • Project management
  • Design verification
  • Production
  • Quality management
  • After-sales service

Know what makes nVent SCHROFF different?

With our extensive portfolio, we can modify and configure a solution tailored to your exact needs – amazingly fast!

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