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Turbine Tip Clearance

Monitor blades in an operational turbine, even at high temperatures.

Blade Tip Clearance and Vibration Monitoring

nVent CAPACISENSE systems provide a virtual window to your operating turbine, allowing you to optimize turbine efficiency with accurate real time data. Additional monitoring of vibration and differential thermal change will help you prevent tip damage and avoid outages and failure. 

Monitor turbines in operation

Monitor turbines in continuous operation with complete confidence using nVent CAPACISENSE sensors that withstand temperatures of 1400°C (2550°F) and allow the flexibility of using one sensor to provide both tip timing and clearance.

Suitable for hazardous locations

Our systems are approved for use in hazardous locations in both Europe and North America. You will find nVent CAPACISENSE systems mainly in power generation gas turbines and aerospace industries.

They are also suitable for other applications where a conventional proximity probe would not survive.

Download Our nVent CAPACISENSE Brochure

Download Our nVent CAPACISENSE Brochure

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