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Fuel Leak Detection

Protection from Fuel Leaks

Fuel leaks are often discovered only after significant damage has occurred. nVent RAYCHEM TraceTek offers solutions to protect against these risks with advanced fuel detection systems.

Detect Fuel Leaks Before They Become a Problem

Fuel leak detection systems are ideal for applications that involve the production, transportation, store, refining or consumption of fuels or simply detecting leaks from back-up generators. Fuel oil leak detection systems help operators detect spills, locate the source of leaks and take corrective action before damage and harm to people, the environment or equipment occurs.

Configure for Your Needs

TraceTek fuel leak detection systems consist of a few basic components:

  • Sensing cables: provide early detection of “weeps and seeps” before they accumulate into larger spills.
  • Probes: detect fuel floating on water, accumulating low spots like sumps or valve pits or on flat surfaces like pump pads.
  • Sensor interface modules and alarm panels: energize the sensor cables and probes, monitor their condition and report detection and locations of leaks to operators. Probes The sensor interface modules and alarm panels


Early Detection and Accurate Location

RAYCHEM Fuel Leak Detection systems help minimize damage to property and equipment. With configuration options that automatically shut off pumps or valves, facilities can be protected and ensure minimal disruption to operations.

Customizable solutions

Our systems integrate with a variety of facility management systems. With a robust digital backbone that tracks many leaks, local networked or remote alarms and multiple communications protocols integrated, your building can be configured to track diagnostics around the clock.

Broad Detection Range

Whether it’s oil, jet fuels, gasoline or other liquid hydrocarbons, our systems can detect a wide range of potential liquid threats without false alarming to water.

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