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Chemical Leak Detection Solutions

Detect Chemical Leaks Before They Become a Problem

Chemical leak detection systems enhance environmental health and safety by providing a certified and approved leak detection system for volatile liquids, water-based acids, liquid solvents and sulphuric acid.

They help detect and locate the source of leaks and take corrective action before damage and harm to people, the environment or equipment occurs. Additionally, our Chemical Sensing solutions are designed for outdoor use and do not false alarm in the presence of water.

Ideal for a Variety of Industrial Environments

TraceTek Chemical Leak Detection systems are designed to be used in manufacturing and processing plants that store flammable or volatile liquids.

Examples include:

  • Semiconductor manufacturing facilities
  • Durables assembly plants – tires, automobiles, boats, appliances
  • Chemicals and surfactants manufacturers – detergent, cleaning agents
  • Paint Manufacturing facilities
  • Alcohol distilleries and breweries
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Waste Water treatment plants
  •  Food processing plants

Configure For Your Needs

TraceTek liquid chemical leak detection systems consist of a few basic components: sensing cables, probes and sensor interface modules and alarm panels. Sensing cables and probes provide early detection of small leaks before they develop into major problems. The sensor interface modules and alarm panels energize the sensor cables and probes, monitor their condition and report detection and locations of leaks to operators.


Early Detection and Accurate Location

Advanced technology ensures early detection of chemical leaks, helping to minimize disruption to daily operations and the potential of severe damage to people, property and the environment.

Customizable Solutions

TraceTek Chemical Leak Detection systems are customizable, allowing for the flexibility to be used in a variety of facilities, management systems and environments.

Detect Any Threat

Our solutions have the capability to detect and alert of potential problems from various sources. Whether its manufacturing waste water, organic solvents, or other aqueous chemicals or conductive liquids, our systems detect any type of chemical leak.

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