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Surface Snow Melting

Keep access ways free of snow and ice

Electric snow melting systems keep walkways, parking garages, loading ramps, stairways and other areas free of snow and ice to help prevent slip hazards and damage to people and vehicles.

Reliable, flexible design and installation

nVent RAYCHEM snow melting systems are ruggedly constructed to resist tough installation conditions including concrete, sand and even concrete poured asphalt.

The system’s heat-trace cable is available as a cut-to-length or on-site terminated product, and also available in factory-supplied, pre-terminated units for increased peace of mind. Our electric snow melting systems can be used in commercial or industrial applications and have a significantly lower install and operating cost compared to hydronic heating systems.

An energy-efficient choice

Heat-trace cables are integrated in concrete, asphalt and pavers, and provide the exact amount of heat when and where required. Compatible with smart controllers, great energy savings can be achieved, making the system the energy efficient choice.

Comprehensive system

nVent's RAYCHEM electric snow melting systems include:

  • Heating cables or mats
  • Advanced energy efficient control units
  • Integrated control panels
  • Components


Safe and Practical to Install

Our systems are designed to be easily installed for ramps or access ways with irregular shapes. We offer a range of solutions to meet the needs of the ground profile, whether installed in sand, cement or asphalt.

Economical to Operate with Advanced Controls

Completing your system with our smart control units can save up to 80% of energy. The system will switch on only when both cold temperatures and moisture are detected. 

Reliable, Maintenance Free, Environmentally Safe

nVent RAYCHEM electrical heat tracing systems, unlike hydronic systems, do not use a glycol-water mix that can potentially leak into the soil, reducing environmental risks. 

Discover More About Surface Snow Melting Systems

Discover More About Surface Snow Melting Systems

See how our Surface Snow Melting systems help to protect critical accessways from snow and ice buildup with electric heat tracing technology.

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