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Railway Heating

Keeping rail & transit safe

Millions of people worldwide use rail transit to get to their desired destination and the global economy relies on rail to transport freight across long distances. Rail operations in winter weather are challenging, with extreme conditions posing a risk to rail safety and reliability, as well as passenger security and comfort. Advanced heat-trace cable technology from nVent RAYCHEM, provides a range of solutions that allow railroads to operate safely and comfortably in harsh winter conditions, including trackside and onboard heating systems. 

Protecting trackside infrastructure

Snow and ice build up on track and catenary wires pose a major safety risk and can cause serious disruptions to rail service. 

nVent trackside heating includes a diverse range of systems that feature advanced heating cable technology, as well as components from the wider nVent portfolio. These proven solutions improve rail safety and reliability through a variety of ways:

  • Contact rail heating: Eliminates ice and snow accumulation on the contact rail.
  • Running rail heating: Prevents the accumulation of moisture on the running rail.
  • Switch heating: Proven solutions for track switch snow melting and de-icing.
  • Catenary heating: Ability to de-ice the contact surfaces between the trolley wire and the pantograph.

Rolling stock applications

nVent RAYCHEM solutions for rolling stock vehicles improve the safety and comfort
of the entire rail system.

  • Door heating solutions: Providing efficient and safe ingress and egress on vehicles along with fast removal of snow and ice in challenging winter conditions.
  • Railcar auxiliary freeze protection: Enhancing safety and operation of passenger vehicles in cold weather conditions.
  • Transit vehicle surface heat solutions: Electric heated panels distributing reliable and comfortable heat for passengers and operating personnel.


Easy installation and maintenance

nVent Raychem rail heating solutions are designed to be easily implemented. Our solutions are fully engineered and are customizable to fit any requirements.

50% energy savings

With maximum heat transfer capabilities, our rail heating solutions can help transit agencies save on energy costs and provide a more energy-efficient mode of transportation in cities.

Long life

nVent Raychem rail heating solutions have been proven to handle harsh conditions, especially in cold climates. The rugged design allows for reliable rail service even during the winter.

More Rail Solutions from nVent Erico

nVent ERICO is the worldwide leader in connecting cables to rails for signaling, grounding and traction power requirements. 


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