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Long Pipeline Heating

Overcome the challenges of long pipelines

Operations can come to a stop -- and products can be damaged or compromised -- when temperature-sensitive products inside a pipeline become too viscous or begin to freeze.

Safe Transportation

Long pipeline heating is necessary for pipe freeze protection, condensation prevention, viscosity control and temperature maintenance of transfer lines between processing plants, storage tanks and transportation facilities.

Longline heating is complex, requiring long electrical circuit lengths - usually with a single electrical power point and balanced temperature distribution profiles that are resistant to extreme environmental conditions.

Typical applications include:

  • Heavy fuel oil, bitumen, asphalt
  • Sulphur and sulphuric acid lines
  • Water supply and waste water drains

Comprehensive solutions

We offer a wide range of proven solutions, with lengths up to 15 miles from a single power source:

  • Multiple electrical heating cable technologies: 
    • STS skin-effect trace-heating
    • Self-regulating
    • Series resistance polymer or mineral insulated
  • Optimized insulation systems with customized anchors, pipe supports and pre-insulated piping
  • Fiber optic temperature-sensing, providing a continuous temperature profile along every meter of the pipe
  • Advanced control and monitoring systems, allowing multiple temperature inputs
  • Integrated software solutions to provide timely updates on pipeline performance for critical temperature sensitive applications 
  • Cost-effective power distribution systems

Reliably engineered 

We offer many proven longline heating solutions as part of a complete heat management system. Our longline heating systems include the selection of appropriate pipe heat-tracing technologies, advanced control and monitoring systems as well as engineering, procurement and various onsite services. This helps you to stay on schedule and ensures an optimal heat trace system for worry-free operation.


Complete heat management solutions

With decades of expertise and hundreds of installations worldwide, we know how to handle any type of longline project.  Our team designs complete solutions, including power distribution, pipe supports, insulation and central monitoring capabilities.

Full visibility. Full control.

Our advanced controllers with multiple sensor inputs keep the pipeline at the right temperature.  Fiber optic sensing provides continuous temperature profiles.  Central monitoring gives full visibility, and allows for trending analyses and quick site interventions

Global reach, local presence

Our heat trace experts are active on all continents to support customers, from engineering and design, to installation and 

430 Miles of Safe, Reliable and Cost-Effective Crude Oil Transfer

430 Miles of Safe, Reliable and Cost-Effective Crude Oil Transfer

Our Experienced nVent TRACER team engineered and bundled multiple technologies, resulting in a world-class electrically heat traced and insulated underground pipeline.

Complete Heat Management Project Services

Complete Heat Management Project Services

We have the expertise to handle heat tracing projects of any size and scope. By focusing on safety and utilizing time-tested methods and solutions, nVent  TRACER's trace heating designs and installations are timely, thorough, and cost-effective.

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