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Hot Water Temperature Maintenance

Guaranteed instant hot water

The nVent  RAYCHEM Hot Water Temperature Maintenance (HWAT) single pipe system ensures instant water at the tap, is easier to design and faster to install than traditional recirculation systems, ideal for commercial buildings that demand regular and reliable water usage.

Hot water temperature maintenance heat trace system

nVent RAYCHEM Hot Water Temperature Maintenance (HWAT) system offers a simple and reliable alternative to recirculation techniques for commercial buildings. HWAT systems keep water at a uniform temperature along the entire length of the supply pipe, eliminating the need to heat water above the maintain temperature like a traditional hot water recirculation system.

Fully integrated system

The heart of the system is a self-regulating electric heat trace cable that adjusts its power output to compensate for variations in water temperature and ambient temperature. The cable is installed on hot water supply pipes underneath standard pipe insulation up to the fixture, allowing immediate hot water at the tap. The self-regulating cable partners with an advanced control system that monitors and regulates the desired water temperature at all times. The easy to use connection kits and accessories ensure a fast and reliable installation.

Save on space, time and installation costs

The HWAT heating cable is placed on the supply pipe, so there is no need for return pipework, valves or pumps. Unlike traditional systems in high rise buildings that require a boiler on each 10th floor, HWAT will function perfectly with one –be it more powerful- boiler. A multi-applications controller operates HWAT alongside other systems (sprinkler, cooling tower, roof tank pipe freeze protection). As a result, end users benefit from space savings, lower total installed cost, less maintenance and more installation flexibility.

Compliant with approval standards

HWAT systems comply with ASPE water delivery times and non-circulated pipe length requirements. Our system is also UL Listed, CSA Certified and FM Approved. Our HWAT system is in compliance with other plumbing codes and energy standards such as:

  • International Plumbing Code
  • International Building Code
  • International Energy Conservation Code
  • U.S. National Standard Plumbing Code
  • U.S. National Electrical Code
  • Canadian Electrical Code
  • Massachusetts Building Code
  • City of New York Construction Code
  • California Title 24 energy code
  • IAPMO Green Plumbing & Mechanical Code Supplement


Reduce total installed cost while saving valuable

nVent RAYCHEM HWAT heat tracing cable is placed on the supply pipe to compensate for heat loss. Return pipework, valves and pumps are not needed. The design and maintenance of an HWAT system is much simpler than recirculation systems with return pipework

Up to 50% energy savings vs traditional recirculation system

With innovative control systems, self-regulating cable, the capability to achieve no heat loss on return pipework and through water saving tools, our HWAT systems can help you achieve significant energy savings in your building.

Complies with various standards and plumbing codes, LEED accreditation

By delivering hot water within 30 seconds, our HWAT system meets ASPE requirements. nVent RAYCHEM HWAT system is also:

  • UL Listed
  • CSA Certified
  • FM Approved
Customer Story

Customer Story

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