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Frost Heave Prevention

Ice build-up can be dangerous

Subfreezing temperatures around cryogenic tanks and inside cold rooms and freezers can seep through the floor, even when it is well insulated. As the soil underneath freezes, capillary action draws water into the frozen areas where it forms a concentrated ice mass. As the ice mass grows, it can heave the floor and columns, causing tank movement and structural damage, and putting valuable inventory at risk in areas such as:

  • LNG terminals
  • Cryogenic storage tanks
  • Freezers, ice arenas and cold rooms in commercial environments

Reliable frost heave prevention

Our frost heave prevention systems work across a variety of applications regardless of size or location. In addition to heat tracing technology, RAYCHEM frost heave protection systems come with a power distribution system and control and monitoring system to help oversee your environment.

No environmental concerns

Hydronic heating systems rely on circulating warm fluids, like a glycol-water mix, to prevent frost heave. Not only is it inefficient, this can create environmental hazards due to the risk of leaking glycol. RAYCHEM frost heave-prevention systems use electric heat trace cables for effective heating and reduced environmental risks.

Custom analysis and designed solutions

Designing a reliable frost heave system requires expertise. Our engineers design a complete system based on a comprehensive thermal analysis using:

  • State-of-the-art SlabHeat™ software tool
  • 2D- and 3D- finite element analysis (FEA)

Our solutions are designed to minimize both installation and operating costs, while maximizing energy efficiency, safety and long-life functionality.


Simple design, lower cost

Using 2D and 3D thermal modeling, we can accurately calculate heat loss. Our design tools select the right heating cable technology, power distribution design and temperature control for each individual project to deliver lower cost-of-ownership.

Safe and simple to install

RAYCHEM connection kits ensure reduced installation time on site, long lasting reliable connections, and increased safety for people, equipment, and the environment

Efficient operation

Out heat tracing systems are built to be as efficient as possible.  Our advanced controllers help reduce energy usage and costs and allow for real-time monitoring to avoid downtime.

Download Our Whitepaper On The Challenges of Storing Liquefied Ga

Download Our Whitepaper

Discovery how RAYCHEM solutions and heat tracing technoloy help prevent frost heave in liquefied gas storage tanks.

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Customer Story

Customer Story

See how our team was able to provide a more reliable heat-tracing system paired with fiber optic temperature sensing to the ExxonMobil Adriatic LNG Project.


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