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Flow Maintenance

Why a grease waste system needs heat tracing

Grease interceptors in commercial kitchens are becoming a common way to prevent fat, oil and grease (FOG) from discharging into the sewer system. Ensure flow in greasy waste lines between the kitchen and interceptor by maintaining the temperature with heat-tracing cables. Thermal insulation of the pipes alone is not sufficient to prevent costly repairs or breakdowns of your commercial kitchen.

Reliable flow maintenance

nVent RAYCHEM self-regulating heat trace systems provide the right amount of heat to maintain flow in FOG lines, from the initial flow point to the interceptor. The cables are chemical-resistant and keep the pipes at 110°F (43°C). They automatically reduce their output as the pipe warms, with no risk of over-or under-heating. No energy is wasted, saving you money.

Typical applications include:

  • Grease waste lines in commercial restaurants
  • Pre-wash stations
  • Floor drains

A comprehensive system

nVent RAYCHEM flow-maintenance systems include a heating cable, power connection, tee connections, controller and a power distribution panel. They can be installed on metal or plastic pipes, can be wrapped around valves and heat sinks, and can be used for above-ground or buried pipes.

Stay in control and save energy

nVent RAYCHEM controllers provide accurate line sensing and control to optimize energy consumption. Our controllers monitor and alarm for high-and low-temperature current, ground-fault level and voltage. Integrated ground-fault protection and automatic self-test ensure that the ground-fault circuit is intact.


Simple design with solutions for every application

XL-Trace cables can be installed on metal or plastic pipes and wrapped around valves and heat sinks. Install above ground or on insulated buried pipes.  RayClic connection kits save time during assembly.  Use XL-ERATE, our online design tool, to simplify the design process

Easy installation and maintenance

Our systems maintain a 110F fluid temperature in waste disposal lines to keep the fat, oil and grease (FOG) from congealing before it reaches the grease interceptor.

Reduce operating energy usage by up to 80%

nVent RAYCHEM Flow Maintenance systems are designed with clean and energy-efficient methods to protect against environmental concerns.

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