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At nVent, we believe that safer systems ensure a more secure world.

Our sustainability programs focus on continuous improvement of our operations and products in ways that protect our precious natural resources and add value to our customers and surrounding communities.

We have combined renewable energy solutions like solar and wind power with smart conservation measures to drive reductions in our energy use. We’re reusing water within our manufacturing operations and reducing our overall water footprint, and our materials management process is helping us meet goals tied to Zero Waste to Landfill operations. In 2017, 97 percent of our waste from manufacturing was diverted.


Using an "Environmental Treasure Hunt" approach at our facilities around the world, we solicit and implement local improvement ideas. At our facility in Anoka, Minnesota, for example, a team identified large electricity savings that would come from replacement of High Intensity Discharge lighting with more efficient fluorescent lighting. Employees not only came up with the idea, but continued to fine-tune it, making it cost effective. The recently installed project saves 2.5 million kWh of electricity annually, preserving resources, saving $200,000 and greatly improving the manufacturing area light quality.

Solutions for Resilience

As weather around the globe becomes more extreme, there is heightened risk to essential infrastructure. Our products provide solutions and support in the face of these challenges. Our enclosures protect sensitive data center equipment; our heat trace cables keep ice and snow off railways and pipelines from freezing; and our seismic bracing systems protect buildings in earthquake-prone regions of the world.

Bottom line: we protect customers’ critical processes and equipment, keeping people, communities, and the environment safe.

Energy Efficient Solutions

As demand for energy increases, industry, consumers, homeowners, and communities across the globe are striving to reduce energy consumption and waste. We reduce costs for customers through innovative technologies that require less energy to operate, or recover energy to offset the energy required for operations. We apply a Lean Enterprise mentality to solution design, emphasizing continuous improvement in product energy efficiency. We work hard to design each new generation of solutions with reduced energy use demands.