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Calmark VITA Extractor

nVent Expands nVent SCHROFF Calmark VITA Extractor Offerings for Aerospace and Defense Customers

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nVent SCHROFF San Diego Factory Virtual Capabilities Tour

Join us for a virtual tour of our San Diego plant and get a peek at our capabilities, quality checks, lot traceability, and more.
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Over 50 Years of Proven Rugged Electronics Packaging

nVent SCHROFF products reliably protect satellite communication, flight avionics, military aerospace systems, battlefield networks and shipboard targeting systems. Мы готовы предложить вам полнофункциональные механические, электрические, электронные и тепловые решения для защиты ваших оборонных систем и систем безопасности, а также персонала. Выбирайте из полного ассортимента прочных и одновременно легких модульных решений с высокой устойчивостью к ударам и вибрации.

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Aerospace and Defense News

nVent Expands nVent SCHROFF Calmark VITA Extractor Offerings for Aerospace and Defense Customers

Mearn more about our new Calmark VITA Extractors

Aerospace & Defense News

Event: Military Embedded Systems - Hosted E-Cast

Driving the Heat Out of Embedded Military Systems: Reducing Thermals.

Aerospace & Defense News

Configure Electronic Cabinets Easily Online

nVent SCHROFF is launching additional 3D configurators for Varistar electronic, network and seismic cabinets.

Aerospace & Defense News

Expanded Range of nVent SCHROFF Calmark™ High Clamp Force, Small Profile Card Loks

The patent-pending High Clamp "HC" force design provides an average of three times the clamping force of similary sized Card Loks to address SWaP challenges.

Our engineering team provides innovative ways to get more heat out of your boards, by offering:

  • Dedicated consultation from project kick-off
  • Support in working with existing board, frame, or chassis designs
  • CAD templates and 3D printed prototypes 
  • Thermal design, simulation and analysis services
  • Extensive experience as an industry leader in board retention and cooling

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