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Threaded Rod

Threaded Rod/Stud

EM-HEX Rod Coupler

Rod/Pipe Couplings and Adaptors

RTU Ball Swivel

Rod Swivels

42 Hex Head Lag Screw


Slotted Hex Head Bolt

Nuts, Bolts and Washers

EB-H Wood Eye Bolt

Eye Bolts, Eye Sockets and J-Bolts

HIB Concrete Nail with Collar

Concrete Nails

Cable Tie Fastener

Cable Ties

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PH5329.jpg image

HIB Concrete Nail with Collar

Nails for directly fastening to concrete structures.
PH5477.jpg image

Threaded Rod

Threaded rod for hanging and offsetting.
PH22323.jpg image

Cable Tie Fastener

Ideal accessory to secure cable in combination with numerous CADDY fasteners for any structural element.
PH5486.jpg image

EM-HEX Rod Coupler

Connectors and couplers for joining externally threaded pipe or thread.
PH5330.jpg image

HIBT Nail Drive Tool

Nail driving tool for concrete nails.
Hex Head Bolt

Hex Head Bolt

Hex head bolt for a wide variety of applications.
PH3864.jpg image

Threaded Stud

Threaded stud.
PH5491.jpg image

42 Hex Head Lag Screw

Screw for use in a wide variety of situations.
PH31788.jpg image

Cable Tie, Stainless Steel

Use cable ties to secure cables to strut.
PH5454.jpg image

RTU Ball Swivel

Rod swivel.