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Water Leak Detection Solutions

Avoid Major Problems with Water Leak Detection

Water leaks from burst pipes, indoor plumbing, faulty appliances or even the weather can damage property, data, and customer goodwill. That’s why building owners invest in smart water leak detection equipment in offices, hotels, museums, computer rooms, data centers, or other industrial and commercial buildings.

nVent RAYCHEM TraceTek water leak detection systems detect, locate and communicate small leaks before major problems develop. Whether it’s protecting datacenters with expensive electronics or protecting vital pipe infrastructure, our solutions are modular and tailored to your specific needs, to provide reliable and dependable protection for many years.


Water Leak Detection

Leaks can cause damage in commercial and industrial facilities such as:

  • Data centers
  • Server Rooms
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Computer rooms
  • Museums
  • Industrial plants
  • Factories
  • Storage tanks

Installing a TraceTek water leak detection system allows building and facility managers to take quick and effective corrective action before the leak causes extensive damage.


Configure to Your Needs

Critical infrastructure and equipment typically requires both 24/7 availability and absolutely no damage. Our water leak detection systems consist of sensor cables, probes and monitoring systems, to detect and pinpoint leaks, allowing you to take action immediately and at the right location.

TraceTek technologies include sensor cables, fast acting probes, monitoring and alarm panels. These modular units can be configured to suit simple or complex applications and allow for future expansion. The capability to integrate in building information management systems, provides central visibility over the entire system. TraceTek leak detection systems are simple to operate, rugged in design and reliable in use. 


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Early Detection and Accurate Location

With early and accurate reporting capabilities, our Water Leak Detection systems are able to detect a leak quickly and relay the alert back, helping to minimize any disruption to operations and help protect against damage to people, property and equipment.

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Reliable and Durable

RAYCHEM Water Leak Detection systems are a durable and long-lasting solution. With high-performance polymers and a 10 year warranty, our systems provide assurance, safety and peace of mind.

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Detect Any Threat - Proven and Trusted 

Trust one of the most proven names in water leak detection. With over 10 million meters installed across the world, RAYCHEM systems are one of the most trusted on the market.

Find the leaks before they find you

Our brochure highlights typical risks from water leaks - and how these risks can be minimized.  Protect your property, data and reputation.


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