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Hazardous Location Solutions

Improve safety, reduce costs and optimize design

Rely on nVent HOFFMAN to protect your electrical controls and improve system reliability, while meeting the needs of unique certifications and classifications for Hazardous Locations.

Get the high-quality solutions you need, delivered through our global network of 3,000+ distributors.

  • Enhance control panel reliability with SpectraCool Hazardous Location Air Conditioner
  • Protect electrical controls in Division 1 or Zone 1 areas with flameproof - and explosion-proof enclosures
  • Reduce costs for large control panels in hazardous areas with purge and pressurization solutions
  • Protect terminations in Zone 1 or 2 areas with Zonex enclosures
  • Optimize control panel design and ease of use with our wide selection of accessories


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Choose from an extensive line of enclosures to protect electrical components in environments subject to potentially hazardous atmospheres created by vapor or dust. Includes ATEX- and IECEX-certified enclosure platform for areas rated Zone 1 and Zone 2.

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Thermal Management

Certified thermal management solutions are designed to regulate the internal temperature and mitigate condensation within enclosures in hazardous locations.

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Purging and Pressurization Systems

Rely on purge/pressurization systems to remove potentially hazardous atmospheres from enclosures and replace it with inert gas or air at a pressure sufficient to prevent ingress of ambient air.

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Featured Products

Atex & IEC Ex Rated Zonex Enclosures

SpectraCool Hazardous Location Air Conditioner

specifying enclosures in harsh environments video thumbnail.png image

Specifying Enclosures in Harsh Environments

Critical considerations for specifying enclosures in hazardous location applications.


specifying cooling in harsh environments video thumbnail.png image

Specifying Cooling in Harsh Environments

Key elements for traditional evaporation and condensing cooling systems to help select the right thermal management solution for your hazardous location application.


Hazardous Location Solutions Brochure

View our extensive line of products and solutions that reliably house electrical systems and electronic components in hazardous locations.

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