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Disconnect Enclosures

Increase safety and minimize risk

From disconnect enclosures to electrical interlocks, data ports, data pockets, safety lockouts and accessories, nVent HOFFMAN offers comprehensive, industry-leading safety solutions to protect your people and equipment, while preventing and mitigating electrical hazards.

Choose from a broad range of models, configurations, mounting options, sizes, finishes and type ratings. Get the solution you need delivered quickly through our global network of 3,000+ distributors.


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Wall-Mounted Disconnect Enclosures

Wall-mounted disconnect enclosure designs include the Concept series and traditional continuous-hinge styles. They are available in mild steel, stainless steel and fiberglass materials to meet various indoor and outdoor Type 12, 4 and 4X applications.

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Free-Standing Disconnect Enclosures

Free-standing disconnect enclosure designs range from one-door to six-door models. They are available in mild steel and stainless steel, and meet various indoor and outdoor Type 12, 4 and 4X applications.

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Sequestr Disconnect Enclosures

The Sequestr external disconnect enclosure provides premium protection by moving the line side of the disconnect into an external compartment, allowing workers to access the control components without risk of exposure to live power. They are available in mild steel and stainless steel and meet various Type 12, 4 and 4X applications.

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Featured Products

Internal Disconnect Shield

Sequestr Disconnect Enclosures

Flange Mount Disconnect, MCF

Concept Disconnect Enclosure Type 4; CDSC603816; CDSC20228; CDSC20228LG; CDSC24228; CDSC24228LG; CDSC24268; CDSC24268LG; CDSC30268; CDSC30268LG; CDSC36268; CDSC36268LG; CDSC363216; CDSC363216LG; CDSC36328; CDSC36328LG; CDSC423212; CDSC423212LG; CDSC423216; CDSC423216LG; CDSC423812; CDSC423812LG; CDSC423816; CDSC423816LG; CDSC483812; CDSC483812LG; CDSC483816; CDSC483816LG; CDSC603812; CDSC603812LG; CDSC603816; CDSC603816LG; photo rendering; CAD rendering

Concept Disconnect Enclosure, Type 4

WaterShed Free-Standing SS Disconnect Enclosure

Enclosure Design: Avoiding Arc Flash to Increase Safety

Learn more about the dangers of arc flash, and the enclosure and accessory solutions that help reduce electrical risks.


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