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Mineral Insulated Wiring for Electrical Modernization


Maximize Your Building Space

Maintaining new modernization standards is a priority for many designers, which often means a variety of cables for phone lines, online systems, data cables, WiFi and more. 

nVent PYROTENAX MI cables minimize the power cable size, so that continued modernization of a building can be achieved. Fire-rated wiring achieves more cable ampacity in a small space, while achieving the highest level of required protection from the NFPA. 

Less Maintenance, More Performance 

If a building has standard wiring, they are often attached to a mechanical support system that will need to be periodically tightened down and consumes valuable space. 

nVent’s fire-rated wiring cables require little to no maintenance after installation, saving you space, time and money. 

Give Peace of Mind with Fire Cables 

Though not supplying power to life saving equipment, nVent PYROTENAX 2 hour fire-rated cable can bring peace of mind to building owners that lifesaving equipment will continue to operate during an emergency. 

With a 30 year warranty included, your building will have an approved solution with a long life span.

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Mineral Insulated Wiring vs Polymeric Alternatives

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Fire-Rated Wiring vs. Concrete Construction

nVent PYROTENAX Fire-Rated Wiring Specifications on MasterSpec® Powered by Deltek SpecPoint®

nVent PYROTENAX MasterSpec

nVent PYROTENAX MI two-hour fire-rated wiring cables meet the most stringent fire testing standards for safety in buildings and infrastructure. They ensure safe operation of critical emergency circuits under fire conditions – which is essential for safe evacuation and to allow firefighters to continue their efforts during an emergency.

Download, edit and integrate the individual specification sections for your project.

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An urban electrical contractor chose mineral insulated (MI) 2 hour fire-rated cable to protect this building’s emergency electrical equipment in New York City. The fire resistant wire saves up to 80% of space, compared to conventional conduit and wire systems. See how the entire mineral insulated cable system was installed in this case study.

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