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Air Terminals & Supports

Lightning strike termination devices prevent damage and limit power disturbances.

Protect your facility by directing lightning strikes to air terminals or lightning rods.

nVent ERICO air terminals, masts and support products are offered in a range of base materials and surface platings, including aluminum, copper and nickel, making them ideal for a variety of applications. Terminals are provided with UNC threading and are compliant with a number of lightning protection standards. Custom lengths also are available upon request.


  • Oil and gas facilities
  • Telecommunications
  • Aviation
  • Mining
  • Power generation
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Railway and mass transit systems


  • Standard compliance
  • Proven lightning protection
  • Material and design flexibility
  • Specially engineered supports and accessories that work seamlessly together

nVent ERICO takes a holistic approach to protecting people, your processes and your facility from costly and potentially dangerous electrical disturbances. Our proven lightning protection products simplify installation and save time and resources while supporting safer environments.

Featured Products

            <div>Air Terminals</div>

Air Terminals

            <div>Air Terminal Adaptors and Attachments</div>

Air Terminal Adaptors and Attachments

            <div>Air Terminal Bases</div>

Air Terminal Bases

            <div>Air Terminal Supports</div>

Air Terminal Supports

More Featured Products



            <div>Mast Adaptors</div>

Mast Adaptors

            <div>Mast Couplers, Supports and Brackets</div>

Mast Couplers, Supports and Brackets

            <div>Wind Turbine Lightning Protection</div>

Wind Turbine Lightning Protection


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