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Concrete Reinforcing Steel Connections

Reinforcing steel connections and taper-threaded rebar splicing

nVent LENTON concrete reinforcing steel connections and taper-threaded rebar splicing systems provide lasting performance. These differentiated products can help reduce labor costs, accelerate construction schedules and reduce material costs for your concrete construction project.



Taper-Threaded Splicing System

Get max strength and performance when joining lengths of rebar.

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Interlok Grout-Filled Precast Splicing

Add structural integrity between load bearing precast concrete.

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Cadweld Metal-Filled Splicing

Achieve mechanical properties similar to unspliced bar.

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Quick Wedge Mechanical Splicing

Join small-diameter rebar in seconds.

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Mechanical Anchors for Rebar

Protect valuable forms from damage while adding strength.

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Compression-Only Splices

Transfer compressive loads by aligning square cut rebar ends to bear on one another.

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Ultimate Splicing Systems & Mechanical Anchors

Maximize performance and minimize installation difficulty.

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Start saving time, money and labor, while boosting strength using nVent LENTON concrete reinforcement solutions.