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National Electrical Safety Month at nVent



May is National Electrical Safety Month led by the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) to promote electrical safety at home and in the workplace. At nVent, we believe safer systems ensure a more secure world. We connect and protect our customers with inventive electrical solutions. Our solutions improve end-user safety and help our customers enhance the safety of their operations.  

End-user safety is one of the three ESG focus categories that guide nVent product development. We develop easy-to-use products that improve end-user safety and experience and help our customers improve the safety of their operations by facilitating uptime and resilience for critical systems. Here are a few ways we are putting our focus on electrical safety into practice: 

Employee Safety

We are committed to maintaining a healthy and safe work environment for our employees and preventing workplace injuries. We use a safety model based on three pillars: employee engagement, controlled hazards and management commitment. We implement our safety model to help prevent workplace hazards. Our global Safety Council meets regularly to discuss best practices and ways to implement them across our facilities. We continue to heighten our focus on identifying the root causes of nonrecordable injuries and near miss events.  

Digital Transformation

Our digital efforts are supporting growth, improving the customer experience, and driving productivity in our operations. We are transforming both in our processes and in our products. We are introducing embedded and connected software and digital tools to our solutions. Our digital solutions help our customers monitor and control critical systems, adding safety and efficiency.  

Testing for Quality and Safety

In line with our mission to connect and protect with inventive electrical solutions, our products are designed, tested and certified to the highest quality and safety standards. nVent also utilizes our third- 
party-certified testing labs to help ensure our products meet or exceed third-party quality and safety construction and performance standards, as well as our own stringent proprietary performance requirement.

Instructions detailing safe installation and use are provided for all nVent products. Product specifications and application guidelines are available online for our established catalog products, and installation manuals are created with a focus on personal and product safety. Transportation, electrical, environmental and handling warning labels are applied to products, where applicable.

Protecting Electrical Infrastructure

As the world becomes more sustainable and electrified, shifts in where and how we produce energy are necessitating infrastructure changes. Transmission lines span long distances carry electricity at high voltages – much higher than can be safely brought into our homes and businesses. Electrical substations play an important role in grid infrastructure—taking high-voltage transmission lines and transforming that electricity into lower voltages that can be safely used by local power grids.

Solutions for Working Smarter

We provide installers with innovative, time-saving electrical and fastening solutions. We’re with you at every step of the job. Whether it’s solutions for in-wall, overhead, seismic applications and more, nVent CADDY products are engineered to make your jobs safer, faster and easier. nVent CADDY products are designed to have several tool-free components and can be prefabricated for a safer installation, greatly reducing the risk of injury.

nVent ERICO has high-quality safe, simple and reliable grounding and bonding, lightning and surge protection solutions to protect people and structures. We ensure maximum safety from electrical system faults and lightning. For both building power and low-voltage applications, nVent ERICO has the products and expertise for a comprehensive surge protection scheme on power and communication lines caused by lightning, building systems and other switching events. 


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