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Cavo/da conduit a montante

Cavo/da conduit a montante

Staffe avvitatore e accessori

Staffe avvitatore e accessori

Supporti conduit/cavi tramite montante

Supporti conduit/cavi tramite montante

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PH3008.jpg image

Staffa telescopica per cartongesso

Telescoping Screw Gun Box Bracket improved design with stamped inch markings and pilot holes accelerates precise box conduit mounting between studs.
PH2483.jpg image

Anello di guarnizione a scatto

Easy Snap Grommet provides 360° protection for cable, conduit, plumbing and fire sprinkler plumbing in metal studs.
PH3781.jpg image

Piastra metallica regolabile TSGBHD/Barrnog

Barrnog/TSGBHD Adjustable Metal Nogging flat sliding plate for use with heavier applications.
PH19552.jpg image

MSP20 Perno metallico per anello di tenuta con scatto facile

Punches standard sized holes in metal studs. Use with easy snap grommet, snaps easily into punched hole. Hardened steel components keep tool sharp longer.
PH19646.jpg image

Supporto per cavi “Colorado Jim”

"Colorado Jim" Cable Support easy-to-use locking tab, with cable locating robs to maintain cable separation.
PH4506.jpg image

Supporto per cavi “Colorado Jim” con distanziatore

"Colorado Jim" Cable Support with Standoff easy-to-use locking tab, with cable locating robs to maintain cable separation.
PH5993.jpg image

CS812 Aggancio da conduit/cavo a montante

CS812 Cable/Conduit to Stud Attachment accommodates EMT conduit and MC/AC cable. Easily locates the fastener on the stud, keeping your conduit in line with box knock out and H-series brackets.
PH3004.jpg image

SMS8 Vite autofilettante e auto-inserente

Industry standard sheet metal screw.
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