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Water and Wastewater

Optimize performance. Safeguard people and equipment.

Keep operations running efficiently, reliably and sustainability. Safeguard your personnel, plant, processes and equipment with inventive, specially designed, industry-leading solutions from nVent. Engineered to meet the highest industry standards, our products, solutions and services help you mitigate the potential risks and hazards associated with Water andWastewater applications, while protecting your people, assets and the surrounding environment.


Concrete Construction

Start saving time, money and labor, while boosting strength using nVent LENTON concrete reinforcement solutions. Rely on us for solutions that meet your exact requirements and deliver lasting performance.


Electric Heat Tracing

Choose from a full range of heating cables, control and monitoring products, and connected solutions for virtually any application. Rely on the nVent RAYCHEM, the inventor of self-regulating heat tracing technology, as your leading provider for complete electrical trace heating systems.


Electrical Enclosures

Choose from 12,000+ standard products and tailored solutions to serve your protection needs for virtually any application – all backed by global service and sales, and nVent HOFFMAN’s 75 years of industry expertise.


Electrical Safety

Secure critical assets in virtually any application, anywhere. Rely on nVent HOFFMAN’s extensive portfolio of disconnect enclosures and specially designed safety solutions to protect your people and equipment by reducing the risk of electric shock and arc flash.


Facility Electrical Protection

Protect your people and facility with solutions from one of the world’s largest and most proven electrical protection specialists. nVent ERICO’s innovative products are trusted across a variety of industries and applications for superior quality and maintenance cost savings, including for simplified new build and retrofit installations.


Industrial Electronics Enclosures

Rely on solutions designed for application flexibility and stringent standards from nVent SCHROFF, a pioneer in 19" technology. From 19” cabinets and subracks, to small form factor enclosures, choose among a wide variety of products to protect your electronics in virtually any industrial environment.


Power Distribution

To reduce energy and minimize risk, rely on nVent’s broad portfolio of power management and power distribution solutions, including nVent HOFFMAN electrical enclosures, nVent SCHROFF electronic enclosures, heat tracing panels, power management software, intelligent PDUs, and more.