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Cabinets and Electronic Packaging

Need to protect your electronics? nVent SCHROFF products are designed for application flexibility to meet stringent design standards. Save time and money with our reliable products.

Conexiones de acero de refuerzo de hormigón

nVent LENTON reduces labor costs, accelerates construction schedules and reduces material costs with concrete reinforcing steel connections and taper threaded rebar splicing systems.

Soluciones de redes y centros de datos

Designed for flexibility that can be tailored to your requirements, nVent HOFFMAN and nVent SCHROFF offer networking cabinets, server racks, aisle containment, iPDU, leak detection, and cable management.

Cajas eléctricas

nVent HOFFMAN specializes in manufacturing electrical enclosures to safeguard your people and equipment – virtually anywhere in the world.

Electrical Fixing, Fastening and Support

nVent CADDY provides fixing, fastening and support solutions for both standard and complex electrical, datacom, fire sprinkler, seismic, HVAC and telecom installations efficiently, cost-effectively and to code.

Sistemas eléctricos de rastreo de calor

nVent RAYCHEM trace heating systems protect people, processes and infrastructure.

Enclosure Cooling and Heating

nVent HOFFMAN offers the most complete, innovative thermal management solutions, including industrial air conditioners, heat exchangers, filter fans, and accessories.

Protección eléctrica de instalaciones

Coordinate lightning protection, grounding and surge protection solutions that work together to help you create a safer environment, mitigate risk and reduce costly damage and downtime with nVent ERICO.

Cableado resistente al fuego

nVent PYROTENAX two-hour fire rated wiring for protection of emergency systems.

Floor Heating Lifestyle Image

Calefacción por suelo

nVent NUHEAT systems provide the comfort you deserve: choice, reliability, support.

Detección de fugas

nVent RAYCHEM TraceTek modular water and fuel leak detection systems.

Conexiones a tierra y alimentación de baja tensión

Power braids, grounding braids, insulators, cabling sleeve profiles, distribution blocks and grounding bars from nVent ERIFLEX that improve reliability and enhance safety while saving time, money and space.

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