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Almacenamiento de energía

Se espera que la necesidad de almacenamiento de energía eficiente y fiable crezca a nivel mundial con la mayor demanda de producción de energía renovable y la electrificación de todo, tanto en el lado de la oferta como en el de la demanda de la infraestructura de servicios eléctricos.

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Energy Storage Solutions

Discovering New Possibilities in Energy Storage

The world is becoming more electric. As individuals and organizations look for new ways to bring sustainable practices into business and everyday life, alternative energy sources like solar power are in high demand. Solar power has many advantages—it is a clean, modern and renewable approach to electricity.

However, the advantages of solar power come with a caveat; when the sun isn’t shining, the lights need to stay on. When homes, businesses and infrastructure rely on solar power, there needs to be a storage system in place that allows them to keep running even when the sun is not out. Solar power storage devices fill this need by capturing energy in from solar panels and storing it for later use with as little loss as possible.

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The Evolution of Energy: Discovering New Possibilities in Energy Storage

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