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Our Inventive History



At nVent, we Protect and Connect... and we’ve been doing it for more than a century.

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We trace our roots back to 1903 -- a time when very few homes or businesses even had electricity -- with the founding of the Electric Railway Improvement Company (ERICO). The company in 1939 patented its Cadweld exothermically welded connection, an invention that paved the way for rail car companies to make repairs to rail tracks without large welding equipment. More than 100 million Cadweld connections are now placed in a broad array of applications around globe.

Back in 1945, the automatic press guard – HOFFMAN’s first product – stopped machinery when workers’ hands got too close. This safety invention protected workers from debilitating injuries, kept factory floors humming and served as the core product for the young company. 

Hoffman Safety Invention

In the 1970s, RAYCHEM’s first cross-linked, self-regulating electric heat trace cables were revolutionary, solving the dangerous overheating problem of melting polymers found in early prototypes. This invention features polymers forced into a matrix that cannot melt and simply shuts down, providing heightened safety and protection in residential, commercial and industrial settings.

That tradition continues today with products ranging from RAYCHEM’s low-smoke, zero-halogen self-regulating heating cables (setting a new standard in pipe-freeze and fire protection) to Spectracool’s “smart” industrial air conditioners that allow customers to monitor and control their equipment from one remote location.

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Throughout our history, our award-winning inventions have connected and protected our customers, while fueling  business growth. Today, as we turn the page on a new chapter in our history, we celebrate the importance, power and potential of our inventions in helping to create a more safe and secure world.

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