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Taper-Threaded Splicing System

Reduce installation time and achieve consistent performance, strength and durability

For use in concrete reinforcement, nVent LENTON taper-threaded splicing systems behave as continuous lengths of reinforcing steel bars, giving you full strength in tension, compression and stress reversal applications.

Our positive locking connection delivers higher tensile strength than lap splicing and provides you with full load transfer using some of the slimmest and shortest couplers available.


  • Enjoy quick and easy installation with no special tools or skills required
  • Eliminate reinforcing steel bar (rebar) congestion and reduce concrete cover with our small-diameter design
  • Prevent cross-threading with a positive locking, no-slip connection

At nVent, our strength gives you strength in your concrete reinforcement applications. All our nVent LENTON products are specially engineered to help you reduce labor and material costs, all while keeping your projects on time, on budget and up to code.

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