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Surge Protection

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Power Surge Protection

Power Surge Protection

Data and Signal Surge Protection

Data and Signal Surge Protection

Rail Surge Protection

Rail Surge Protection

Surge Protection Accessories

Surge Protection Accessories

Products | 131 results (353 items)

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Modular Spark Gap Diverter

PH36175.jpg image

Rail Primary Power Surge Protector

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Electronic Track Signal Protector

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High Speed Data Line Protector

Multi-stage protection with primary or combination primary/secondary protectors.
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Transient Discriminating Surge Diverter, 20 kA Three Mode

Transient Discriminating (TD) technology helps ensure reliable and continued operation during sustained and abnormal over-voltage events.
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Compact TDX Panel Protector, 50 kA

Compact panel surge protector, 50 kA.
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TDX Flush Plate

Flush plate kit for mounting behind drywall.
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Universal Transient Barrier, Single Pair

Surge protection universal transient barrier, single pair.
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Replacement Module for UTB, Single Pair

Multi-stage protection and fine over-voltage protection helps ensure lowest residual surge voltages reach sensitive equipment.
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Closed Circuit Television Protector

Closed circuti televesion (CCTV) surge protection.