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Smart Grids & E-Mobility

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Rapidly changing Infrastructure for Smart Grids

The Opportunity:

Electrification is transforming traditional utilities with advances in power generation and distribution and breakthrough technology with e-mobility to battery energy storage to safely and efficiently connect electrical products.

Electrical Charging Stations and electrically-powered transportation are a more reliable, efficient and easy choice than ever before for both consumers and companies. But investing in E-mobility means finding products and solutions that will be scalable, save space, and get you up and running quickly.

  • By 2030, 30%+ of cars sold will have electric engines*

*Deloitte Insights Electric Vehicles 2020

Optimized Power and Protection for the Future of Power Utilities

What’s Next Solutions:

nVent is proven in providing electrical protection for electric utilities in critical applications for power generation, substation and transmission with a broad solution set of grounding and bonding, electrical connections, surge and lighting protection systems.

Our experience in e-mobility and energy storage specifications and requirements position us to solve your unique challenges. Our wide range of low voltage products ensure safe and efficient energy transmission and storage. Combined with our expertise in grounding, bonding and surge protection, you can be assured that your EV charging stations and supply infrastructure are ready to meet the power delivery and protection need.


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nVent E-Mobility Solutions

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