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Wireless Infastructure

Solutions for Wireless Infastructure

Wireless telecommunication infrastructure consists of microwave towers, cellular towers, small cells and antennas mounted on building rooftops. This technology is essential for all of our daily communication activities, from phone calls to email. Today, wireless infrastructure is at the center of many rapid technological advancements taking place in the telecom industry, including 4G LTE/5G and smart connected devices. Already a complex electrical environment, wireless telecom infrastructure faces significant exposure to adverse conditions that could disrupt the network. 

nVent ERICO brings best-practice solutions that help mitigate the risk of damage in any type of wireless infrastructure application area. In addition, nVent SCHROFF offers enclosure and cooling solutions for electronic equipment used in outdoor wireless infrastructure, as well as high-performance computing systems for indoor use.

Case Study

On the Roam: How nVent ERICO Protects Wireless Networks in Australia




Unibody Double Wall OSP Enclosure

FTTX Fiber Optic Cabinet

Modular Double Wall OSP Enclosure

Outdoor Modular VENT (Fans)

Outdoor Air Conditioning

Single Wall OSP Enclosure

Non-Metallic Small Form Factor Enclosures

Pole Mount Kits

Open Standard Embedded Systems


Grounding and Bonding for Telecommunications

Lightning Protection

Surge Protection

Low Voltage Power Distribution



nVent ERICO Grounding and Protection of Small Cells in 5G and 4G Networks

nVent ERICO offers a range of solutions for grounding and surge protection of power supply to small cells.

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Cover Outdoor Cabinet


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Spec Sheet Comline OSP Type 4X Wall


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Hoffman Outside Plant Products (OSP)


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Non-Metallic Small Form Factor Enclosures Cover


Brochure: Non-Metallic Small Form Factor Enclosures



Comline OSP Type 4X Vertical Mount


Spec Sheet:  Comline OSP Type 4X Vertical Mount

Cover SpectraCool Air Conditioners


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SpectraCool Air Conditioners




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