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Satellite Communication

Solutions for Satellite Communication

There are thousands of satellites currently orbiting earth for telecommunication applications, including telephone, radio, TV and internet access, GPS, data collection and military purposes. With the ability to receive and transmit signals to earth, satellite has the advantage of quickly establishing communication links without the need for extensive ground-based infrastructure. With technological advancements in launch capabilities and communication methods, tens of thousands of satellites are ready to launch into orbit. nVent stands ready with solutions that connect and protect satellite communication equipment across a wide range of applications.

  • nVent SCHROFF products protect and enable the latest SATCOM, rocket system boosters, ultra-high frequency communications and guidance system technologies in space.
  • nVent ERICO provides electrical protection solutions including grounding and bonding for satellite communication earth stations. 

nVent ERICO Grounding and Protection of Satellite Ground Stations

Specializing in electrical protection systems designed to protect earth stations a critical part of satellite network infrastructure, nVent ERICO offers a range of solutions for grounding and surge protection of power supply to small cells.




Grounding and Bonding for Telecommunications

Surge Protection

Metallic Braids for Gate Bonding

Enclosures and Cooling Solutions

Pole Mount Kits

Outdoor Air Conditioning

Single Wall OSP Enclosure

Unibody Double Wall OSP Enclosure

Modular Double Wall OSP Enclosure

Non-Metallic Small Form Factor Enclosures

FTTX Fiber Optic Cabinet

Open Standard Embedded Systems

Telecommunication Grounding & Protection Webinar Series

Check our full catalog of live webinar courses, tailor-made for telecommunications applications. With more challenging requirements for installations becoming the norm, stay up-to-date on the best ways to design and install grounding, bonding, surge protection and lightning protection systems for common telecommunications facilities.





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Catalog: Outdoor Modular Cabinet

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Non-Metallic Small Form Factor Enclosures Cover


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Certified Electronics Cabinet for Outdoor Telecom & Network Applications


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