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Grounding & Bonding Solutions

nVent ERICO Grounding & Bonding for Telecommunications


Proper grounding and bonding for telecommunications infrastructure is essential to network reliability and public safety. nVent ERICO is a global leader in grounding and bonding for telecommunications infrastructure with a complete range of solutions, design capabilities and specialization in emerging applications areas including small cell towers, fixed line infrastructure and satellite base stations.  Our range of solutions includes:

  • Ground rods, mats and mesh
  • Conductors, cable
  • Clamps and connectors
  • Grounds bars and ground plates
  • Ground enhancement material
  • nVent ERICO Cadweld Plus
    kits for exothermic bonds
  • Ground resistance tester kits
  • Design of grounding bonding and protection system
  • Site surveys and problem diagnosis
  • Online and on site Training programs
  • Developing customer specifications and drawings

These solutions are part of the wider nVent ERICO electrical protection offering which also include direct strike lightning protection and surge protection devices.

Grounding and Bonding

Telecommunication Infrastructure Solutions

nVent ERICO Grounding and Bonding HUB

Facility Electrical Protection



nVent ERICO Training Course Catalog

nVent ERICO leverages its significant technical experience and resources to offer our customers free, comprehensive training. Over 25 courses available for telecommunication, including many specialized grounding and bonding topics;

  • Indoor Grounding System Design at a Telecommunications Facility – Codes and Carrier Standards
  • Outdoor Grounding System Design for Telecommunications
  • Grounding Requirements and Methods for Armored Optical Fiber
  • Grounding and Protection of AC and HVDC Powered Datacenters
  • Grounding and Protection of Satellite Ground Stations
  • Bonding Practices at Telecommunications Radio Towers


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Telecom Grounding and Bonding Selection Guide


Catalog: Grounding and Bonding Selection Guide (North America, APAC) 

Grounding and Protection of Small Cells in 5G and 4G Networks


Catalog:Grounding and Protection of Small Cells in 5G and 4G Networks 



WhitePaper:Grounding and Surge Protection 

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