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Fixed Line Infastructure

Solutions for Telecommunications Fixed line Infrastructure


Apart from their core emergency and defense communications functions, fixed line networks (a.k.a. fiber networks) are a central backbone for the increasing data needs of consumers and networks like 4G LTE and 5G. Fixed line infrastructure deployment, including twisted pair copper, optical fiber and hybrid fiber coaxial networks, can be challenging, especially when fiber optic network construction and maintenance work occurs on/under main roads and streets. nVent provides certified solutions that are essential for fixed line networks via the nVent ERICO and nVent SCHROFF brands.

  • nVent ERICO grounding and bonding solutions are required in most copper and fiber optic networks to prevent damage to critical underground and overhead copper and fiber optic cabling. Grounding and bonding also play a key role in ensuring a safe work environment for personnel and maintenance crews, from manholes and handholes to pole-mounted subscriber access points.
  • nVent SCHROFF Outside Plant (OSP) enclosures are designed to optimize the service quality for the fiber interconnecting the core network - or backbone network - and the small subnetworks at the edge of the network. 




nVent ERICO 

Grounding and Bonding for Telecommunications



Modular Double Wall Enclosures

Unibody Double Wall Enclosures

Single Wall OSP Enclosure

Outdoor Air Conditioning

Telecommunication Grounding & Protection Webinar Series

Check our full catalog of live webinar courses, tailor-made for telecommunications applications. With more challenging requirements for installations becoming the norm, stay up-to-date on the best ways to design and install grounding, bonding, surge protection and lightning protection systems for common telecommunications facilities.






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