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Long Pipeline Heating

The Challenges of Long Pipelines

When liquids inside a pipeline become too viscous and begin to solidify, operations could come to a stop. To maintain a consistent flow of temperature sensitive fluids by pipeline, it is important to consider a solution that combines the proper heating system with pre-insulated piping, isolated anchors and supports in addition to fiber optic distributed temperature sensing and advanced analytical software to provide real-time performance updates on the pipelines’ operational performance.

Pipeline Flow Assurance

Long pipeline heating is necessary for pipe freeze protection, viscosity control, and temperature maintenance of transfer lines between processing plants, storage tanks and transportation facilities.

Longline heat tracing is complex, requiring long electrical circuit lengths - usually with a single electrical power point - balanced temperature distribution profiles, high power and resistance to extreme environmental conditions and long operational lifecycle requirements.

Typical applications include:

  • Heavy / waxy fuel oils, VGO, bitumen, asphalt
  • Sulphur and sulphuric acid lines
  • Phenol, caustics and wet and dry chlorine
  • Water supply and waste water drains

Reliable Engineered Solutions

We offer integrated pipeline flow assurance systems across various heating cable technologies, with lengths up to 25 km from a single power source:

  • Smart control and monitoring systems combined with advanced analytical software for full operational visibility in one central location
  • Fiber optic temperature sensing, providing a continuous temperature profile along the pipe
  • Optimized insulation systems with customized pipe supports and pre-insulated piping
  • Cost-effective power distribution infrastructure
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The World’s Premier Temperature Critical Pipeline Monitoring Software

Introducing, RAYCHEM Pipeline Supervisor, the world’s premier temperature critical pipeline monitoring software solution.  Providing you with unprecedented access to pipeline performance trends and rich actionable data insights to keep your pipeline operating safely and efficiently.

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Heating Cables

Heating Cables

Control, Monitoring and Sensing

Control, Monitoring and Sensing

Heating Components and Accessories

Heating Components and Accessories

INTRODUCING: STS HV Skin-Effect Tracing Wire


STS HV Skin-Effect Tracing Wire

Electrical freeze protection and process temperature maintenance for long pipelines with limited power availability

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Project Services

nVent TRACER is a global solutions expert in high quality electric heat management systems with the ability to provide engineering design services, procurement and fabrication, site services and post installation services anywhere in the world.

We understand the specific needs of your individual project and your business and in return will provide an optimized heat management system focusing on providing safe, reliable, and cost effective heat tracing installations.

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Short Story of a Long Pipeline

Enjoy this scene from a half-hour special documenting the resurrection of a jaw-dropping ~700 km long pipeline by Cairn India Limited. The video details our STS (Skin-Effect Heat Tracing System) products used in this mega project.

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