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Frost Heave Protection

Ice Build-Up Can Be Dangerous

Subfreezing temperatures can seep from a cryogenic tank into the ground, even when the tank is well insulated. Ice buildup or frost heave in the ground can cause structural problems such as uncontrolled movement of the tank, leading to serious leaks or worse.

Reliable Frost Heave Prevention

nVent RAYCHEM frost heave solutions prevent frost heave in concrete slabs and LNG terminals by maintaining the temperature of cryogenic and low temperature storage tank foundations above freezing. We design our systems to minimize both your installed and operating cost. In addition to heat tracing technology, nVent RAYCHEM frost heave protection systems come with a power distribution and control and monitoring system to help oversee your project. 

No Environmental Concerns

Hydronic heating systems rely on circulating warm fluids like a glycol-water mix to prevent frost heave. Not only is this inefficient, this can create environmental hazards due to the risk of leaking glycol. RAYCHEM frost heave prevention systems utilize electric heat trace cables for effective heating and to remove environmental risks.

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Project Services

nVent TRACER is a global solutions expert in high quality electric heat management systems with the ability to provide engineering design services, procurement and fabrication, site services and post installation services anywhere in the world.

We understand the specific needs of your individual project and your business and in return will provide an optimized heat management system focusing on providing safe, reliable, and cost effective heat tracing installations.

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