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Simplifying Design and Installation of Seismic Protection for Fire Sprinkler Systems


The installation of sprinkler systems is a widespread technology in commercial buildings to defend against fires, safeguard human life and protect critical systems. Often, sprinkler systems are installed in areas that also experience increased risk of seismic activity. Therefore, it is critical that these systems are well-protected in the case of an earthquake.  

Proper seismic protection for sprinkler systems not only helps them continue to operate in emergency situations, but also protects against them becoming hazards in their own right due to collapse or unwanted activation.  

Understandably, the codes that govern the installation of seismic protection are rigorous and complex. Designing a functional seismic protection system is a complicated process influenced by a building’s design, location and materials. Additionally, engineers and installers who are unfamiliar with designs for seismic protection of sprinkler systems may struggle to understand the codes.

To simplify the process and help drive safety for building occupants, nVent experts created a series of handbooks to serve as an easy-to-read breakdown of international code and standards for seismic protection. These handbooks can be used by installers who are working on seismic protection systems for fire sprinklers, engineers looking to better-understand codes and standards in practical applications and inspectors looking for a visual guide highlighting what to look for when performing seismic inspections for fire sprinklers.  

The handbooks include step-by-step guides that streamline complex codes and standards, illustrated graphs and drawings to represent each standard’s requirement and color-coded breakdowns of bracing, flexibility and clearance codes.  


“Seismic bracing is a strong focus for nVent and we are committed to developing safe, fast and easy innovative seismic solutions, digital tools and industry training to make seismic simple for our partners, contractors and designers,” said Jeff Jackson, Global Seismic Business Leader for nVent.  

Seismic protection is not simple, but it is vital. nVent’s line of nVent CADDY Bracing Systems provide contractors with high-quality, engineered solutions. Using nVent’s safe and easy-to-install solutions along with our seismic handbooks, installers and engineers can be confident that they are protecting critical emergency sprinkler systems and keeping them up to code.

Request a copy of our handbook here.


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