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Representation of Women in Management

nVent's Approach to Increasing the Representation of Women in Management 

At nVent, we are committed to increasing women in management globally. Our goal of a 20% increase in women in management by 2025 was highlighted in our 2022 ESG report. While we have seen an 8% increase in representation since publishing our public facing goal in 2020; we continue to identify ways to support and engage women across nVent. 

Our Global Women’s Network Employee Resource Group (ERG) provides excellent opportunities for networking, and leadership development for women (and men) at all levels. Global Women’s Network has a strategic vision to promote opportunities for growth while also focusing on ways to meet our public facing goal of increasing women in management. ERGs at nVent are organically created and led by our employees based on their common goals or interests. The leadership development and increased skills and capabilities that come with being an ERG leader has resulted in thirty-two percent of ERG leaders being promoted. 

As an organization that focuses on innovation, we understand the value of diverse perspectives. At nVent, everyone plays a role in creating an inclusive culture. Our executive team all have diversity action plans; and our people leaders have diversity goals tied to performance. 

“There are a lot of opportunities when we think about female talent in particular,” said Laura Brock, Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer. “Manufacturing has historically been a very white male dominated industry. To see three female leaders in our executive suite, including our CEO, makes a very powerful statement. It sets the tone that we are committed to making a difference in our industry.” 

Our focused efforts have resulted in being twice named on the Bloomberg Global Gender Equality Index. We continue to grow connections to better support women at nVent. We have strong relationships with both the National Association of Manufacturing (NAM) and Manufacturers Alliance – highlighted by one of our engineering leaders, Linda Kiss, winning a Women’s MAKE award. This year, nVent partnered with the Minnesota Aurora FC, a women-led and community owned soccer team. We look forward to developing more partnerships and connections in the future.