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nVent Scholarship Fund Awards 2023 Scholarship Recipients

In 2023, nVent will award scholarships to 22 new applicants and renew scholarships for 45 students—all children of nVent employees. We are presenting 67 scholarship awards to recipients from five different countries around the world for a total distribution of $224,000 this year. Since the start of the program in 2015, nVent has given over $1.2M in scholarships through this program.  

“The nVent Scholarship has had a positive impact on my education experience as it allows me to pursue my dream career without the worry of funding,” said one 2023 scholarship recipient. “I am able to participate in academics and gain new experiences that help me grow and improve. Thanks to the nVent Scholarship, I am able to become my best future self!” 

nVent is passionate about supporting quality education opportunities for youth in our communities and the children of nVent employees. Children of nVent employees worldwide are eligible to apply for the nVent Scholarship Fund throughout their higher education to help them pursue their education and career goals. Additionally, the nVent Foundation invests in nonprofit programs that provide STEM education opportunities for young learnings, particularly those in underrepresented communities.