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Modernizing Power Management for Data Centers

Modernizing Power Management for Data Centers

Global demand for data is increasing. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, the proliferation of cloud and high-performance computing and digitalization trends are driving the need for more data centers, IT infrastructure and communications technology. Powering next-generation IT equipment efficiently and effectively can be a challenge as power requirements shift and the power density required for racks of high-tech equipment grows.  

As data centers continue to expand, data center managers need systems to deliver the right amount of electricity to equipment to power IT, while remaining within the capabilities of cooling systems to handle those heat loads. Data centers also need to manage constantly the power delivery to ensure they use energy efficiently and keep equipment protected.  

What is Smart Power? 

Power distribution units (PDUs) are devices that distribute power from facility power supplies to networking equipment through multiple outlets. Basic PDUs are effective at powering equipment, but they do not offer much by way of controls and monitoring. Smart PDUs, on the other hand, are equipped with technology to distribute and monitor power usage to multiple devices within a data center and provide alerts in the event of power surges or other issues.  

The remote monitoring and control capabilities of smart PDUs can increase energy efficiency and reduce the risk of downtime. Input metering, for instance, allows power coming into a PDU to be remotely monitored, reducing the risk of overloading PDUs and causing breakers to trip. This monitoring can also help ensure that PDUs are not getting too close to breaker levels, allowing data center operators to remotely mitigate potential issues before they occur.  

Some PDUs also are equipped with outlet metering, where monitoring and control technology is applied not only to the PDU level but at the level of each individual outlet/power connection on the PDU. This technology can help operators better understand specific device power usage and compare efficiencies between different technologies. It can also identify underutilized or “zombie” equipment that is not in use, but still drawing significant power. Being able to remotely identify this equipment and turn it off allows data center managers to make sure they only are using the power that they need.  

nVent offers optimized solutions for connecting and protecting mission critical data center and networking infrastructure, including smart enclosures, power distribution, cable management and liquid cooling solutions, to help drive resiliency, energy efficiency and the adoption of next-generation technologies. 

Powering Up Next-Generation Data Centers 

As a global leading solutions provider, nVent offers customers a comprehensive portfolio of adaptable, modular and scalable standard product platforms for networking, data center and communications applications. Our product range enables our customers to connect and protect IT and mission critical systems, from smaller decentralized edge computing in harsh environments to large data center and central office installations. 

nVent PDUs can be configured to meet exact specifications for customers’ data centers and are equipped with features like locking outlets that help ensure equipment does not accidentally detach from its power source. Our solutions deliver higher power densities to racks in a safe and effective manner while still delivering intelligent features, such as monitoring, control and environmental sensors. By providing more efficient power distribution solutions, we help keep data centers safer and more secure, reducing the risk of downtime and data loss. 

nVent PDUs range from basic offerings to smart solutions with input and outlet metering capabilities. Our smart PDUs are available with horizontal or vertical mounting capabilities and a broad range of features, including circuit breaker status monitoring that provides active monitoring and alarming of circuit breaker status. Our solutions also offer color coded outlets by circuit breaker for visual phase and load bank identification to reduce human error and high-visibility data and interactive graphic displays. 

As data center managers adapt to the changing needs of a more electrified and digital world, managing power consumption and keeping equipment safe and powered up is essential. nVent solutions support the growth of next-generation technology, bringing safe, efficient and reliable power to mission critical applications around the globe.